The Tea Party




*Cheese Puff Surprises

what’s the surprise? A whole pimento stuffed olive inside!


*Savoury Bites

crust less quiche filled with mushrooms and three cheeses


Sweet Heart Sandwiches

our little heart shaped sandwiches with assorted salad fillings:  tuna salad; crab salad, salmon salad, *egg salad, chicken salad, and deviled ham


Tea Sandwiches

crust less sandwiches on white and whole wheat bread with this selection of fillings:  cheese & nut, tarragon chicken salad, black forest ham with Dijon, *cucumber dill, smoked salmon lox with fresh dill.


This selection of tea party items can include other finger foods from our appetizer menu.

Refer to our dessert menu for your tea party buffet.




Key:  * Vegetarian

        ** Vegan

Custom Catering by Barbara