*Layered Mexican Dip

beans, sauce, scallions, chilies, avocado, cheddar, olives;  tortilla chips


*Cheese and Fruit Board

your choice of cheeses, our own cheese balls  fresh fruit & toasts


*Vegetable and Dip Board

Fresh crisp vegetables served with Carrot & Leek Dip;  Spinach Dip or Blue Cheese Dip


Antipasto Board

may include:  Roasted Bell Peppers;  Marinated Artichokes, Olives, Mozzarella & Mushrooms;  Garlic Confit;  Fresh Tomato Slices with Pesto;  Salami;  Provolone;  Green & Black Olive Tapenade;  Oven Roasted Tomatoes;  Foccacia & Toasts


**Green and Black Olive Tapenade

served with toasts


*Edamame Hummus

served with house-made multi-grain tortilla chips


**Traditional Hummus

served with house-made tortilla chips


*Baba Ghanouj

Roasted and pureed eggplant dip, Middle Eastern flavor


*Fresh Tzatziki Dip

Greek Yoghurt, Cucumber, fresh herbs served with raw vegetables and/or Toasted pita chips


*Tomato, Red Pepper, Basil and Feta Dip

roasted peppers, sun-dried tomato, spicy pepperocini, lots of fresh basil and Italian parsley and feta served with house-made toasts.


**Vegetable Sushi

served with soy dipping sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger


**Vietnamese Spring Roll

fresh spring roll filled fresh greens, carrot, cilantro, mint; rice vermicelli and hoisin sauce.  Served with hoisin sauce.


*Puff Pastry Cheese Straws


*Cayenne Shortbread Crackers


*Black Sesame Cheddar Crackers


*Pecan Blue Cheese Crackers


*Flaky Parmesan Crackers

intensely cheesy, incredibly flaky, rustic oblong shaped


*Sugar and Spice Nuts

there is some heat in these


*Deviled Eggs


*Cheese Puff Surprised

what's the surprise? A pimento stuffed olive inside.


*Savoury Bites

crust less quiche with mushrooms and four cheeses



Key:  * Vegetarian

        ** Vegan

Custom Catering by Barbara